Amazon Alexa Setup FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How to connect Amazon Alexa device to Control4 Smart Home?

Ans: The first thing at this point is to Read the Alexa Quick Start Guide or the user manual which comes with it or watch the Connecting Amazon Echo to Control4 video on the website to learn how to connect your Amazon Alexa device to your Control4 Smart Home.

Ques: Does Amazon Alexa devices compatible with Control4 Smart Home? if yes, then what all devices work?

Ans: Yes there are few alexa devices which are compatible with control4 smart home and work really well with it . Naming these : Echo including 2nd Gen , Echo spot , Echo Dot including 3rd Gen , Echo show including 2nd Gen , Echo Plus including 2nd Gen , Fire Tv cube Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick.

Ques: Do all Control4 systems are compatible or work well with Alexa devices?

Ans: No , not all control4 works with alexa devices whereas to make it work with alexa devices you need a 4Sight subscription for your Control4 system to make it work . Also, the system must have OS 2.8.2 or greater than this .

Ques: Name the counties countries where I can use the Control4 Smart Home Amazon Alexa Skill?

Ans: Control4 Smart Home Skill is not available worldwide but in few of the countries which are Australia,Mexico, Canada (French and English ), England,spain ,Italy , India,Us,Germany ,Austria , New Zealand, Scotland,France , and the Ireland

Ques. where do I create amazon account if I don’t have one?

Ans: To Create an Amazon account you need to go to your country / state specific Amazon site. Or, if you already have an account with Amazon Alexa, you can always change your country anytime by simply clicking on settings in the app .

Ques: What devices can be controlled by using voice commands?

Ans: Well ,Initially, you can use voice commands for couple of things like all your lights,thermostats lighting scenes,fans , locks, video devices , room volume, and etc . This is not all you can do with your voice command but you can control all of your home with it . You can also contact your dealer to do the same for you .

Ques: Can I change the name of my Alexa device for better and crisp voice control command?

Ans: Yes you can always change your device name . All you need to do is , log in to your Amazon account and select Amazon Alexa under Automation tab . Here you can see your service name and can edit the device name for voice control.
The best part is Editing the device name only change the voice contro . All your omscreen navigators , touch screens , and Control4 apps you using will display the actual old and original names which makes it easier to use . Details on this process can be found in the Alexa Quick Start Guide or user manual or Customizing Alexa devices and scenes Note: Devices with a duplicate name are marked red with a warning Icon.

Ques: Can customize or personalize the voice commands according to my requirement? what are the examples of voice commands to be used?

Ans: You can personalise or customise your commands , to get a personalized list of commands you can use with your system, you need log in to Alexa account and select View Voice Commands in the Amazon Alexa section. There are few commands which you cannise , listed below:

1. Alexa, please turn off bedroom Light

2. Alexa, turn off Kitchen Lights

3. Alexa, set Master Lamp to60 %

4. Alexa, increase Master Lamp by 30%

5. Alexa, decrease Master Lamp by 10 %

6. Alexa, turn off House Video devices

7. Alexa, turn off The tv

8. Alex, pause on Living DVD

9. Alexa,, play next on Living DVD Alexa,

10. Alexa, set Upstairs Thermostat to 62 degrees

11. Alexa, increase Upstairs Thermostat by 4 degrees

12. Alexa, decrease Upstairs Thermostat by 1 degrees.

Ques: Why are the changes I made on showing up in the Alexa app?

Ans: If you make any changes , and After saving the changes on you need to ask Alexa to discover devices to be available in your Alexa app else you will not be able to see your changes .

Ques: The disables devices still showing in the Alexa app as offline. How do I get this removed from the Alexa app?

Ans: First Go into the Alexa app and disable the device and ask Alexa to discover devices again and this will solve the issue you facing .

Ques: Are there any tips on naming devices?

Ans: It is always advisable to use simple one or two word descriptions using house or room names. For example: Dine Light, Office Lamps, All Lights, House, Upstairs Thermostat, Accent Lights, Master Lights.

Ques: What names of devices which are not should I not use?

Ans: Do not use numbers in device names. Also make sure each device has unique name to your system and all names are spelled correctly.

Ques: Can I use more than one Alexa device with my Control for System?

Ans: Yes, they will all be able to accept the same voice commands.