Exciting things you can do with Alexa Echo Device

Honestly, Alexa Echo device is one of the amazing devices you could ever have. The fun you get while using it, the response to commands, the smartness of the device, the usage without a mobile device, and the list goes on and on, this has made it the best speaker device ever used. There is a lot it can do that even gets you overwhelmed making it difficult to figure out where to start from. This blog will get you enlightened on things you can use alexa device Echo dot for

It helps to control your home

 It makes controlling your smart devices at home easy, which includes door locks, light, appliances, switches and different sort of smart devices, like closing the garage door, turning on and turning off lights. All you need do is to give the command and it obeys

Less stressful cooking

Tips on how to cook your favorite can be gotten from Alexa device making your cooking less stressful. For example, number of tablespoons to use, recipes for your special dish, playing music for fun, setting timer etc. all can be done by this wonderful device

TV controller

Alexa can control your TV by voice, it might take a little bit of money for setup, but once the setup is done, you can get to business. Things like this can be said, Alexa turn on BBC, or go to Nickelodeon. A Logitech harmony remote that comes with the harmony Hub is needed to do this

Phone calls

Alexa can be used to make calls to other Alexa devices in other houses, you can also leave a message

It makes you current by giving you the current news

You can know what is happening in the world by using Alexa. It gives you briefing news and you can go further to customize the source you want your news from

Entertainment for kids

Lot of games is available on Alexa where your kids can get entertained like the Easter eggs, silly answers o silly questions

In all, whatever command you wish to give to the device should start with the default name “Alexa”