Amazon Echo Show set up

Amazon Echo Show is a third generation of Alexa enabled device with a 5.5 inch screen, HD camera and also has a number of enhanced features compared to the old models. It is designed for kitchens, shelves, desktops, bedside cabinet due to its compatibility. This device comes with a screen for playing of video playing. You need to get it running before you can start using it.

Things you need

  • Mac desktop/PC/Laptop/ Smartphone/Tablet
  • Internet service
  • Internet router with Wi-Fi capability
  • Amazon prime account preferably
  • Echo Show unit

Setup steps

  • Download Alexa App to your Mac/PC/Smartphone/Tablet from the store, Google play store, App store directly using chrome, safari, Microsoft edge, and Firefox or internet explorer 10 and above
  • Eight inches or more from any walls or windows, find a spot for your Echo Show and plug into into an AC adapter and it automatically turns on
  • Alexa says your Echo device is ready for setup once it’s on
  • There are options on the screen for select language, connect to Wi-Fi, confirm time zone, log in to your Amazon account and read and accept the terms and conditions for Echo Show
  • it displays an update if there is one, you can tap install now, it may take several minutes to install, once the update is completed, it notifies you
  • A video will then show up that enlightens you on the features of the device. After the video, Alexa says your “Echo Show is ready”

Alexa voice recognition and touch screen

Alexa is the default word for command, however it can be changed. To start using the Echo Show say “Alexa” provided the wake-up word has not been changed

To change your wake up word

  • Command Alexa to go to settings or make use of the touch screen to get to the settings menu
  • Then select device options and select wake up word
  • Options available wake up words are Echo, Amazon and Computer. Select one of the words and save.
  • Once done with the wake up word, talk to the Echo Show and ask questions or commands, if the Echo show recognizes your questions, it answers verbally, displays the result or perform the task

Talk in a natural tone, at a normal pace. You can also call Alexa when you are not at home through smart phones or tablets. You can start using by playing music, watching videos and making phone calls, with just your command and it obeys.