Setup and configuration of Amazon Echo Look

It is one of the newest of Amazon Echo brand, it is also a great style device where you to take photos of your style and seek for advice. It is suited to a specific environment. It is quite different from other brands in that it isn’t all about playback music, rather it has a camera that allows you snap photos and take videos. It captures your daily outfits, place them in catalog and gives give

Steps in setting your device up

  1. Search for Echo Look app in your apple store or smart phones. Only compatible with Android 5.0 and above and IOs 10 and above for iphone 5s and above
  2. Select a suitable location for Echo look. Make sure there are no obstructions where the Echo look camera is, it should be placed at shoulder height , make sure you are able to stand 5 feet from the camera without touching wall or nearly future. There should be a power outlet nearby. There should be  uniform light in the room and no back-lit
  3. Plug the device into a power adapter and then into the power outlet. There will be a blur light that appears when it is on and then turns into an orange light. It greets you and enters into a setup mode. If it doesn’t, restart and reset the device
  4. Register your device , make sure your phone and Echo Look are close to each other
  5. Take the wrap of the camera off the front side to take quality pictures and videos. To take quality pictures:

Turn the device until there is an appearance for a full length photo

Make sure you standing 5 feet away from the camera

Then say “take a picture” the front light turns white then the count down twice and then the pre-flash and then main flash goes off

  • Remember before a command the command, the wake command has to be used like “Alexa”. to change this , select device icon , select your device and select wake word