Steps to take when setting up Amazon Alexa Echo devices

Some echo system like Amazon echo need detailed step to step guide on how they can be setup. The set up might be sometimes confusing if an expert or a guideline is not involved. Thanks to Alex app, it has made things easy for setting up Amazon echo system.

Here are guidelines to setup up an Amazon echo system with less troubleshooting

Pick a palatable place in your home where you feel it can be used well and make sure it’s closer to the power source and within the reach of a WiFi connection. Once this is done plug in your device

  • select the device to which you want to connect Alexa (be it Android or the mobile devices)
  • Your device must be a compatible operating system version of Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0
  • Switch on your devices, connect all the cables to the device and execute the first setup guide
  • Get the compatible Alexa app visiting the app store
  • Select the app, click on the download tab and perform the instructions on the screen to complete the download
  • Open the app and add your device
  •  Tap on the plus symbol on your device
  • To establish a network connection by navigating to the left control panel and search for the settings
  • The app will then display the available networks
  •  Finally, choose the compatible voice commands and select your favorite playlists and control your device.
  • If you encounter problem while connecting, then troubleshoot Amazon echo by going to the main menu, scroll down to settings  and select setup a new device to connect echo to Wi-Fi
  • Double check and make sure no step is missed

What if there is still no response?

To wake up command

Make sure your echo device is connected to a power source and it has light on top. If it gives a solid red color and not a solid blue, it means your microphone is off. Turn on your microphone

Voice commands

There might be multiple devices sometimes. First check your app on your mobile if all devices are set up on the same Amazon account. Move the location on your device a few feet away