Steps to take when setting up Amazon Alexa Echo devices

Some echo system like Amazon echo need detailed step to step guide on how they can be setup. The set up might be sometimes confusing if an expert or a guideline is not involved. Thanks to Alex app, it has made things easy for setting up Amazon echo system.

Here are guidelines to setup up an Amazon echo system with less troubleshooting

Pick a palatable place in your home where you feel it can be used well and make sure it’s closer to the power source and within the reach of a WiFi connection. Once this is done plug in your device

  • select the device to which you want to connect Alexa (be it Android or the mobile devices)
  • Your device must be a compatible operating system version of Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0
  • Switch on your devices, connect all the cables to the device and execute the first setup guide
  • Get the compatible Alexa app visiting the app store
  • Select the app, click on the download tab and perform the instructions on the screen to complete the download
  • Open the app and add your device
  •  Tap on the plus symbol on your device
  • To establish a network connection by navigating to the left control panel and search for the settings
  • The app will then display the available networks
  •  Finally, choose the compatible voice commands and select your favorite playlists and control your device.
  • If you encounter problem while connecting, then troubleshoot Amazon echo by going to the main menu, scroll down to settings  and select setup a new device to connect echo to Wi-Fi
  • Double check and make sure no step is missed

What if there is still no response?

To wake up command

Make sure your echo device is connected to a power source and it has light on top. If it gives a solid red color and not a solid blue, it means your microphone is off. Turn on your microphone

Voice commands

There might be multiple devices sometimes. First check your app on your mobile if all devices are set up on the same Amazon account. Move the location on your device a few feet away


Setup and configuration of Amazon Echo Look

It is one of the newest of Amazon Echo brand, it is also a great style device where you to take photos of your style and seek for advice. It is suited to a specific environment. It is quite different from other brands in that it isn’t all about playback music, rather it has a camera that allows you snap photos and take videos. It captures your daily outfits, place them in catalog and gives give

Steps in setting your device up

  1. Search for Echo Look app in your apple store or smart phones. Only compatible with Android 5.0 and above and IOs 10 and above for iphone 5s and above
  2. Select a suitable location for Echo look. Make sure there are no obstructions where the Echo look camera is, it should be placed at shoulder height , make sure you are able to stand 5 feet from the camera without touching wall or nearly future. There should be a power outlet nearby. There should be  uniform light in the room and no back-lit
  3. Plug the device into a power adapter and then into the power outlet. There will be a blur light that appears when it is on and then turns into an orange light. It greets you and enters into a setup mode. If it doesn’t, restart and reset the device
  4. Register your device , make sure your phone and Echo Look are close to each other
  5. Take the wrap of the camera off the front side to take quality pictures and videos. To take quality pictures:

Turn the device until there is an appearance for a full length photo

Make sure you standing 5 feet away from the camera

Then say “take a picture” the front light turns white then the count down twice and then the pre-flash and then main flash goes off

  • Remember before a command the command, the wake command has to be used like “Alexa”. to change this , select device icon , select your device and select wake word

Amazon Echo Show set up

Amazon Echo Show is a third generation of Alexa enabled device with a 5.5 inch screen, HD camera and also has a number of enhanced features compared to the old models. It is designed for kitchens, shelves, desktops, bedside cabinet due to its compatibility. This device comes with a screen for playing of video playing. You need to get it running before you can start using it.

Things you need

  • Mac desktop/PC/Laptop/ Smartphone/Tablet
  • Internet service
  • Internet router with Wi-Fi capability
  • Amazon prime account preferably
  • Echo Show unit

Setup steps

  • Download Alexa App to your Mac/PC/Smartphone/Tablet from the store, Google play store, App store directly using chrome, safari, Microsoft edge, and Firefox or internet explorer 10 and above
  • Eight inches or more from any walls or windows, find a spot for your Echo Show and plug into into an AC adapter and it automatically turns on
  • Alexa says your Echo device is ready for setup once it’s on
  • There are options on the screen for select language, connect to Wi-Fi, confirm time zone, log in to your Amazon account and read and accept the terms and conditions for Echo Show
  • it displays an update if there is one, you can tap install now, it may take several minutes to install, once the update is completed, it notifies you
  • A video will then show up that enlightens you on the features of the device. After the video, Alexa says your “Echo Show is ready”

Alexa voice recognition and touch screen

Alexa is the default word for command, however it can be changed. To start using the Echo Show say “Alexa” provided the wake-up word has not been changed

To change your wake up word

  • Command Alexa to go to settings or make use of the touch screen to get to the settings menu
  • Then select device options and select wake up word
  • Options available wake up words are Echo, Amazon and Computer. Select one of the words and save.
  • Once done with the wake up word, talk to the Echo Show and ask questions or commands, if the Echo show recognizes your questions, it answers verbally, displays the result or perform the task

Talk in a natural tone, at a normal pace. You can also call Alexa when you are not at home through smart phones or tablets. You can start using by playing music, watching videos and making phone calls, with just your command and it obeys.

Exciting things you can do with Alexa Echo Device

Honestly, Alexa Echo device is one of the amazing devices you could ever have. The fun you get while using it, the response to commands, the smartness of the device, the usage without a mobile device, and the list goes on and on, this has made it the best speaker device ever used. There is a lot it can do that even gets you overwhelmed making it difficult to figure out where to start from. This blog will get you enlightened on things you can use alexa device Echo dot for

It helps to control your home

 It makes controlling your smart devices at home easy, which includes door locks, light, appliances, switches and different sort of smart devices, like closing the garage door, turning on and turning off lights. All you need do is to give the command and it obeys

Less stressful cooking

Tips on how to cook your favorite can be gotten from Alexa device making your cooking less stressful. For example, number of tablespoons to use, recipes for your special dish, playing music for fun, setting timer etc. all can be done by this wonderful device

TV controller

Alexa can control your TV by voice, it might take a little bit of money for setup, but once the setup is done, you can get to business. Things like this can be said, Alexa turn on BBC, or go to Nickelodeon. A Logitech harmony remote that comes with the harmony Hub is needed to do this

Phone calls

Alexa can be used to make calls to other Alexa devices in other houses, you can also leave a message

It makes you current by giving you the current news

You can know what is happening in the world by using Alexa. It gives you briefing news and you can go further to customize the source you want your news from

Entertainment for kids

Lot of games is available on Alexa where your kids can get entertained like the Easter eggs, silly answers o silly questions

In all, whatever command you wish to give to the device should start with the default name “Alexa”

Amazon Alexa Setup FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: How to connect Amazon Alexa device to Control4 Smart Home?

Ans: The first thing at this point is to Read the Alexa Quick Start Guide or the user manual which comes with it or watch the Connecting Amazon Echo to Control4 video on the website to learn how to connect your Amazon Alexa device to your Control4 Smart Home.

Ques: Does Amazon Alexa devices compatible with Control4 Smart Home? if yes, then what all devices work?

Ans: Yes there are few alexa devices which are compatible with control4 smart home and work really well with it . Naming these : Echo including 2nd Gen , Echo spot , Echo Dot including 3rd Gen , Echo show including 2nd Gen , Echo Plus including 2nd Gen , Fire Tv cube Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick.

Ques: Do all Control4 systems are compatible or work well with Alexa devices?

Ans: No , not all control4 works with alexa devices whereas to make it work with alexa devices you need a 4Sight subscription for your Control4 system to make it work . Also, the system must have OS 2.8.2 or greater than this .

Ques: Name the counties countries where I can use the Control4 Smart Home Amazon Alexa Skill?

Ans: Control4 Smart Home Skill is not available worldwide but in few of the countries which are Australia,Mexico, Canada (French and English ), England,spain ,Italy , India,Us,Germany ,Austria , New Zealand, Scotland,France , and the Ireland

Ques. where do I create amazon account if I don’t have one?

Ans: To Create an Amazon account you need to go to your country / state specific Amazon site. Or, if you already have an account with Amazon Alexa, you can always change your country anytime by simply clicking on settings in the app .

Ques: What devices can be controlled by using voice commands?

Ans: Well ,Initially, you can use voice commands for couple of things like all your lights,thermostats lighting scenes,fans , locks, video devices , room volume, and etc . This is not all you can do with your voice command but you can control all of your home with it . You can also contact your dealer to do the same for you .

Ques: Can I change the name of my Alexa device for better and crisp voice control command?

Ans: Yes you can always change your device name . All you need to do is , log in to your Amazon account and select Amazon Alexa under Automation tab . Here you can see your service name and can edit the device name for voice control.
The best part is Editing the device name only change the voice contro . All your omscreen navigators , touch screens , and Control4 apps you using will display the actual old and original names which makes it easier to use . Details on this process can be found in the Alexa Quick Start Guide or user manual or Customizing Alexa devices and scenes Note: Devices with a duplicate name are marked red with a warning Icon.

Ques: Can customize or personalize the voice commands according to my requirement? what are the examples of voice commands to be used?

Ans: You can personalise or customise your commands , to get a personalized list of commands you can use with your system, you need log in to Alexa account and select View Voice Commands in the Amazon Alexa section. There are few commands which you cannise , listed below:

1. Alexa, please turn off bedroom Light

2. Alexa, turn off Kitchen Lights

3. Alexa, set Master Lamp to60 %

4. Alexa, increase Master Lamp by 30%

5. Alexa, decrease Master Lamp by 10 %

6. Alexa, turn off House Video devices

7. Alexa, turn off The tv

8. Alex, pause on Living DVD

9. Alexa,, play next on Living DVD Alexa,

10. Alexa, set Upstairs Thermostat to 62 degrees

11. Alexa, increase Upstairs Thermostat by 4 degrees

12. Alexa, decrease Upstairs Thermostat by 1 degrees.

Ques: Why are the changes I made on showing up in the Alexa app?

Ans: If you make any changes , and After saving the changes on you need to ask Alexa to discover devices to be available in your Alexa app else you will not be able to see your changes .

Ques: The disables devices still showing in the Alexa app as offline. How do I get this removed from the Alexa app?

Ans: First Go into the Alexa app and disable the device and ask Alexa to discover devices again and this will solve the issue you facing .

Ques: Are there any tips on naming devices?

Ans: It is always advisable to use simple one or two word descriptions using house or room names. For example: Dine Light, Office Lamps, All Lights, House, Upstairs Thermostat, Accent Lights, Master Lights.

Ques: What names of devices which are not should I not use?

Ans: Do not use numbers in device names. Also make sure each device has unique name to your system and all names are spelled correctly.

Ques: Can I use more than one Alexa device with my Control for System?

Ans: Yes, they will all be able to accept the same voice commands.

How to create custom Alexa commands for Amazon Echo using IFTTT

Amazon echo is a voice-activated cloud-connected smart speaker with an artificial intelligence named Alexa, packed inside along with streaming music and reading headlines and giving you the weather forecast.

Alexa has a growing role in the smart home to controlling smart gadgets like Philips Hughes color-changing bulbs and Belkin Wemo switches but Amazon echo also has a channel on IFFT a free online automation service that helps you sync it up with web services and other smart home gadgets.

you can control these other gadgets by creating your own custom commands which is a great feature.

 Here’s how you can do it:

Setting up your Amazon echo: First you’ll need to set your Amazon echo up, to do this just plug it in and download the Alexa app to your Android or iOS device depending the phone you are using, the app is easily available

Now you need walk through the pairing process which would hardly take just a couple of minutes.

If you haven’t already created an account then you have to go the official website but if you have an account just skip this one.

Sign up and login and Once you’re all signed in you’ll be able to activate that Amazon echo channel.

Now it’s the time to craft a recipe that’ll have Alexa in it.

Since You’re all logged in, You just need to click on recipes on the IFFT home page,

After this, you will see an option “create recipe and click on it click, Here you’ll see the template, if this is the trigger part of the equation you are good to go. 

This will trigger your recipe and it’s going to be Amazon echo, so just click on the blue icon and then select Amazon Alexa which is the channel for Amazon echo.

 Here you will be able to see number of different trigger options, This usually happens when the timer goes off or when you add something to your to-do list.

But if you want to add a specific phrase, click on select, read the specific phrase as you’re already triggered, say “Alexa trigger my recipe”.

Now that when you have got the Amazon echo trigger setup, let’s move to the side of the equation which is the main action.

when you tell Alexa to “trigger my recipe “  Is for your purposes. 

Now Let’s go with the Nest Learning Thermostat, Most people like this alot because this is not supported in Amazon Echo.

 Amazon Echo unfortunately doesn’t have a custom thermostat integration that’s where Nest come to power and it really shines.  It helps devices that don’t normally work together.

There’s plenty more you can do with Amazon Echo and Nest.

How to Setup Echo Dot

How to Install Echo Dot?

Amazon’s most popular voice-controlled speaker “ECHO DOT, with improved sound and brand new design. It is just as smart as the full-size Echo but at half the cost with new skills, better sound quality, and third-party integration.

What Can Amazon Echo Dot Do For You? 

  •     Ask Alexa to play any music
  •     You can have questions- answer round
  •     Ask her to Read news for you
  •     Checking the weather
  •     Setting up the alarms
  •     Control compatible smart home devices
  •     Stream songs from Amazon Music
  •     Spotify
  •     SiriusXM
  •     Call and message almost anyone hands-free.

Alexa Echo Dot Problems

  •    Your Echo Device Doesn’t Connect to Wi-Fi
  •     Streaming Issues on Alexa Devices
  •     Bluetooth Issues on Alexa Devices
  •     Reset Your Echo Device
  •     Echo Dot Doesn’t Turn On or Respond.

Echo dot is the most popular voice-controlled speaker of Amazon. We offer services for installation of Amazon Alexa echo dot devices with best prices. If you have any problem in Alexa Echo Dot Setup device like as connect to WIFI, Bluetooth connectivity etc. Our experts help you, Call on toll-free number at +1-888-676-1602.